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Advocacy Day at Senator McCaskill’s Office 8/30/18:
Pictured with Jessica Beezhold, a staffer for Senator McCaskill, are Sisters Carol Boschert, Anna Marie Himmelberg, Loretto Maes, Eileen Schieber, Joyce Schramm, Rosemary Russell and Partners in Mission Susan Buerkle and Colleen Curran-Schulte.  This group advocated on behalf of the Bold Action Committee urging Senator McCaskill to do all in her power to stop the “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy right now; to reunite ALL of the  children with their parents except for suspected trafficking; to use the many more humane alternatives to family detention centers; to reinstate gang and domestic violence as reasons for requesting asylum and to see to it that our borders are regulated with justice and compassion.  We also asked Senator McCaskill to urge the present administration to raise the refugee admissions for FY2019 to at least 75,000 as it was in the past. (click on the photo to make it larger)


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Nov. 23, 2019: Periodic Gathering with Peter Bell, SJ, from 2-4 p.m. in the St. Joseph Chapel Meeting Area, 204 North Main Street, O’Fallon, MO 63366.




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