Altar Linens

Altar Linens & Cloths

The Ecclesiastical Art Department no longer makes Linens and Altar Cloths. However, we have trained Lucrecia DaSilva of St. Louis, MO to make these articles and we refer orders to her. She can be contacted at 314-773-6272 or

All altar linens are custom-made so can be sized according to the needs of the client.

Altar Cloths are made from 100% linen-look polyester (Tura) in white or ivory. They ordinarily have 1 1/2 inch hems and mitered corners.

Style A covering the altar table only.
Measure width and length.
Altar Cloth Style A
Style B covering altar table with side drops.
Measure width and length as (L+D+D).
Altar Cloth Style B
Style C covering altar table with side and front and back drops. Measure width as W+D+D and length as L+D+D. Widths larger than 56 inches will have a seam at the edge of the altar table. Altar Cloth Style C

Up to 24 inches wide = $0.75 for every inch length
25 inches – 56 inches wide = $1.00 for every inch length.
Over 56 inches wide = individually determined.

Machine-embroidered white crosses $5.00 additional per cross. Size 3-3 ½ in, $10.  Cut outs for microphones, etc. ordinarily $15-20 each.

Communion Vessels’ Covers are made in the same manner as altar cloths from the easy-care Tura fabric. One embroidered cross is included in the price.

24 in. x 24 in. $25
36 in. x 36 in. $40
48 in. x 48 in. $55

Custom sizes available.

Corporals, Purificators, and Chalice Palls are made of 100% imported linen. All prices include a machine-embroidered cross. Request red or white cross.

Corporals 18 x 18 in. $18
Purificators 12 x 12 in. $9
12 x 18 in. $12
Chalice Palls 7 x 7 in. $25

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