1870s to 1900

Expansion into the New World

Once again, a hostile government forced the Sisters to seek refuge. Bismarck’s Kulturkampf inaugurated a military policy against the entire Church, and by the May Laws decreed the expulsion of all religious congregations. Through this, however, God led the young community to expand into the New World.

In 1870, nine Sisters arrived in Belle Prairie, Illinois; the remainder of the congregation arrived over the next three years. At that time, another separation occurred. Some Sisters chose to remain in Belle Prairie and maintain affiliation with the Precious Blood Congregation in Rome. Other Sisters, under the leadership of Mother Augusta Volk, did not accept the conditions of the Bishop to remain in the Illinois diocese. They temporarily moved to St. Agatha’s Parish in St. Louis, and in 1875, established the community in its current motherhouse in O’Fallon, Missouri. The Sisters became an independent congregation and gained pontifical status in 1918.

Foundations in Steinberg, Switzerland (1845)
Exiled to France – Birth of Ecclesiastical Art in Gurtweil, Germany (1848 to 1860s)
Growing Ministry – Global Ministry (Early 1900s to 1965)
Our Sisters in the 21st Century (1965 to Present)

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