Early 1900s to 1965

Growing Ministry – Global Ministry

For decades, the primary ministries of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood continued to be education and the ecclesiastical arts. When the liturgical movement began to grow in the first half of the 20th century, the Sisters found expression in music as well as art and education. The years following Vatican Council II, ending in 1965, however, created new opportunities for the Sisters to expand ministries to include parish work, hospital chaplaincy, prison ministry and care for the elderly. In old age or infirmity, Sisters continue to minister through prayerful presence and an offering of their suffering, giving a more visible witness to their contemplative roots.

The Sisters have also expanded their ministries beyond the United States. In 1939, at the invitation of the Bishop of Finland, the congregation sent Sisters to establish an English school. In 1957, Sisters started ministering in Peru; they went to Bolivia in 1959. Currently, Sisters still serve in these countries as well as Estonia and Italy.

Foundations in Steinberg, Switzerland (1845)
Exiled to France – Birth of Ecclesiastical Art in Gurtweil, Germany (1848 to 1860s)
Expansion into the New World (1870s to 1900)
Our Sisters in the 21st Century (1965 to Present)

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