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Cancellation of Debt (2000) The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood call upon the leaders of the wealthiest countries, the commercial banks, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, regional development banks and other international financial institutions to write off the crushing international debt of impoverished countries by the end of 2000. We ask these leaders to cancel the debt in a way that benefits ordinary people and without conditions that perpetuate or deepen poverty and environmental degradation. We ask them to work with governments and civil society to prevent recurring cycles of destructive indebtedness.

Death Penalty (2001) The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood seek justice and mercy for all people. We believe that capital punishment is an affront to the sacredness of life and should be abolished. We will engage in activities that will move toward the goal of ending the death penalty in our nation. Together we will work to promote a justice that brings healing and growth to both victims and perpetrators.

War on Iraq (2002) The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood work to promote reconciliation and nonviolence in dealing with conflict. We strongly oppose initiating an attack and beginning a war with Iraq by the United States. We encourage diplomatic means to be pursued in the resolution of the current conflict between the United States and Iraq.

Iraq (2004) The Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, through our mission of reconciliation, seek to promote peace and nonviolence. We strongly opposed the United States beginning a war with Iraq. We wish to be in solidarity with the people of Iraq and our military personnel there who are suffering. We offer our apologies for the occupation and torture that have been forced upon the people of Iraq. We pray that the handover of power on June 28, 2004, will make peace possible. We encourage our government officials to collaborate with the United Nations to work with the Iraqi Council to create the peaceful society the Iraqi desire.

Comprehensive Reform of the Immigration System (2013) Impelled by our mission of reconciliation and remembering our community history of being immigrants ourselves to the United States, we the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, Missouri affirm the rights of all immigrants to be treated with respect and dignity. We call on our federal government leaders to work together to establish Comprehensive Reform of the United States Immigration System as outlined by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. We call on local and state leaders to create a welcoming atmosphere as they implement the immigration reform policies. We Sisters pledge to actively support those who work to achieve just and humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the United States.


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